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Agricultural Crop Yields

Our data can be used to detect and predict the viability of planted seeds. Hyperspectral data can also detect if crops have been infected by diseases before discoloration is apparent to the human eye. This allows farmers to predict crop yields or to optimize resources in spraying their fields.

Oil & Gas

Pipeline Right-of-Way, Encroachment and Leakage monitoring. Various anthropogenic changes can incur in a rupture near densely populated areas; our technology can help map out potential problems and pinpoint leaks.

Mining/Natural Resources

Sites can be rapidly mapped and studied to verify where most deposits are located and pinpoint the best areas to drill.

Defense/Military Capabilities

Viable solution for aerial surveillance, as countermeasures to cloak or confuse existing technologies increase; hyperspectral data can be used to de-mask camouflage, identify buried IED’s, illegal chemicals, etc.


Our data can be used for forest inventory, health and species monitoring. A great example would be to monitor and pinpoint areas of heightening the probability of fire. For example, the data could be used to monitor/predict wildfires in California.

Construction/ Industrial Sites

Manage and detect anomalies on industrial sites. Keep updated, real-time information on the progress of each project and analyze which sections need more attention.

Structural Integrity Monitoring

Damage and stress detection of engineered structures to provide assessment of the risk of failure of the materials used.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Monitoring

Hyperspectral imagery has become the status quo in analyzing changes in the environment, being used to monitor CO2 emissions, pollution or even observe changes in bodies of water.