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We use space to advance our understanding of Earth. 


Wyvern is a space company delivering premium Earth observation imagery from satellite platforms.

Our images fuel the expanding Earth observation data market, which is rapidly progressing due to advances in analytics and machine learning.


We're creating proprietary technologies to increase the resolution of Earth observation imagery from a small satellite platform. 


Earth observation data improves quality of life for people around the globe and its applications are continually growing. Analytics firms can utilize our data in industrial processes, agriculture,  environmental monitoring, and countless more vital applications.



Chris Robson

Co-Founder & CEO

Chris's leadership propels Wyvern forwards.

He has 4 years of experience designing cubesats as Mechanical Team Lead and Project Manager of AlbertaSat's Ex-Alta 1 cubesat, the first made-in-Alberta satellite. Chris brings expertise in space mission design, astrodynamics, and business planning to the team. Chris is currently earning his PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Alberta.

Kristen Cote


Kristen's expertise in optical instrumentation for space  brings leading-edge technological ingenuity.

She is currently earning her PhD in quantum optics creating laser-based systems for space at the University of Toronto. She has two years of experience doing cubesat mechanical design for AlbertaSat's Ex-Alta 1 mission to complement her experience in x-ray instrumentation, imaging, optical design, laser systems, and laser spectroscopy.

Callie Lissinna


Callie's experience with in-orbit satellite operations drives  innovation in mission design. 

She has accumulated over 100 hours of link time conducting in-orbit operations of Ex-Alta 1 and is the Project Manager of AlbertaSat's next satellite, Ex-Alta 2. She has 2 years of experience in cubesat mechanical design and has won  numerous awards for academic and leadership excellence.

Kurtis Broda


Kurtis leads Wyvern's engineering team and manages business operations 

He has 2 years of professional experience as an engineer, including designing military equipment for harsh environments like those found in space. He holds a MSc in mechanical engineering where  he authored several scientific publications. 

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